Friday, 1 March 2013

a little romantic moment

so yeah, there's a boy in my class that i had a crush on. HAVE a crush on. Yeah, a typical teenager. Before i continue my story i highly recommending you to hear the Justin Bieber song- Fall. It's a little bit same with my condition.

First he's not my close friend. And he's the one who is broken.

Okay, let's call him Mr. Nutella (why? It's a long story). Just call him like that. I like him because of random fact that he's my best friend's ex boyfriend. Cool! He barely even talk in school and class, but when you heard him talk, you'll get the chills, the thought that you wanted to hear that more often. Sadly, he's just talking if he finds something funny. 180 degrees different than me that always find everything funny. It's kind of sad.

Then yesterday after walking out the auditorium, i looked back to find.. JENG JENG he's staring at the door. apparently, ME. act normal, i walk out again. The today when physics exercise, i went to stare at him, I'm in a big thought that maybe one day we can be together blah blah blah. Dang it, he stare back, just a moment, he caught me staring at him. this is bad, no, this is very bad.

At the break time i, and my best friend who, apparently his ex girlfriend walking and then she tell me, "He's staring", in that time i know I'm deadly happy. but then i said, "Maybe he's staring at you". le sobbed.

I'm a little bit big headed. I was in the process of, making him jealous without even trying. Believe me, it's really hard. And when i went home with my internet on, I'm surfing his name on google, how stalker I am.

Yeah, if you know who is it. IF YOU READ THIS. this was just a latter with all the pressure that love has given. Damn.

Sincerely, your nobody

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