Monday, 29 April 2013

Soon To Be Freshman

Hello Everybody, I just finished my National Examination (only in Indonesia). Our last battle. After a whole year full of stress, text book, materials, atomic, English grammar, digestive system, sharpened pencil, an arsenal full of pencil, it's all done. Just 4 days, guys. Can you imagine that? One year preparation for 4 days war, this was the next French Revolution.

" Ora et Labora "
My Grandmother always said that before this war, we, I have to pray more often. Praying is not enough, really, Thomas Alfa Edison once said:

" Genius is One Precent inspiration, Ninety-nine prespiration"
 There's always my number one enemy: Laziness. Every morning i wake up planning every d*mn thing I should do. I mean, things i shoud've done. I was always think twice. That's what I regret the most, Thinking twice for studying. My Dad always said:

"Look Down"
 Now that I can never change thing. What is done, is Done. Soon to be a freshman of senior high school. I know the choise's in my hand. I can change my way, but me is always be me. I'll Never lose my identity, my pride as one of the student of Yogyakarta 8 Junior High School 013.

I still that daydreaming girl. Who look too forward than I should. I hope that my NEM could reach my target, and I can make the smiles of my parents never leave their lips. And their pride on their eyes never leave me, and greatest of their happinest should never least. Amen.

A. G.

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