Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Good To Be Back

It's 2014. It's been half a year after I last wrote. Hey There, Readers (if you really read this). As you know that i was 'Soon To Be Fresh Man', but actually now I am a student of my dreamschool. Yogyakarta 3 Senior High School, I'm one of the 71st generation of Padmanaba. So much happened in the past 7 months. Can't discribe how things work on this school, wait-- maybe i can; heaven of multitasking. Yes. It's the best part of this school, though. Okay, moving on.

I currently waiting for my download. There's no Resume capability. If it's dead, the download is over, I can't download it again, I simply dead. With the best playlist I ever create: Payung Teduh mixed with some classic Jazz. and a cup of tea ofcourse. So, I cannot simply leave my laptop and my download.

This afternoon, I went to ISI (Institute Seni Indonesia or Indonesian Institute of Art ? ), to Music Departement. We had this Training and Sharing, and it turns out that the students were having a rehearsal. It was really beautiful, I fell in love with the voice of Cello. Even Now, i still can hear the violin, the flute und the Cello. I can imagine a scene, where a Woman was running away from a ballroom, among the crowd. a Man reach her arms, and spin her 'round. Take her closer. But she run. It's fit. Perfectly.

Speaking of scene. Early January (which is yesterday and yesterday before yesterday and one more yesterday) I watched Sherlock (BBC) season 3. All three episode in 3 days in a roll: "The Empty Hearse", "The Sign of Three", and the best episode of all Season so far (in my opinion) "His Last Vow". It was really amazing how Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss adapting The Sherlock Holmes into a modern yet classy TV drama. Sherlock is basicly your regular Sherlock that 'stuck' in 21st century with his iPhone, MacBook, and some Laptops. He's walking around London with his loyal doctor: Dr. Watson. What i think special in this Season was how unique it was 'packed'. I'm doing my quick review of each episode. and here it is.

Spoilers y'know. Leave now before you hate me ;)

As you know Sherlock was Dead. and the first episode "The Empty Hearse" was taken place 2 years after the 'Suicide'. The first minute of the episode was a scene, a smart scene where Sherlock was faking his death. Nope (popping the P). It's not what really happened. It was just a speculation of a massive fan of him. Greg Lestrade, who was told by the fan, did not believe him. But yes, he's alive. His lovely brother needed him, England once again needed his brain. And he surprised John (Watson) in a weird way, and this version of The Doc react in a weird yet funny ways. Who could be not mas after being lied and interupted at a engagement? In a scene, which is one of my favorites, which is WELL edited, Watson really showed his anger, his emotions towards the consultant detective. After the shocking and funny scene, the Doctor was keeping a distance to a certain sociopath. Once again, we were shown another speculation of How The Great Mr. Detective Fake His Death, still the same massive fan of him. It's absurt, you should watch it, you should really do, it's realy funny.
In this episode, Sherlock was commanded(?) to track an Underground Terrorrist. The climax was at an underground railstation (no longer used), when Sherlock found the bomb with John. But, he said with a crack, that he cannot switch off the bomb. so they were saying each others a last word.
Oh come on, do you believe, the bomb will really kill them? He's Sherlock Holmes, For Bomb's Sake!
Nopppee. it wasn't exploded. oh by the way, our Moffat shows us the real tricks of The Great Fake Death. I have a quotes from this episode, Sherlock to John Watson: "Killing me Is so 2 years ago"

Episode 2. The Sign Of Three

We could see the other side of this version of Sherlock. How weak he was when it comes to interacting, standing politely, and saying a speech as Best Man of John Watson. He's getting married, anyway. Sherlock was arranging a wedding. In this episode you will see how things goes on his head, his case now was a 'ghost' anyway. This is a great episode, it's like a prolougue of the next episode. This episode is a really big spoilers, if you notice the details.

Episode 3. His Not Really Last Vow

Amazingly packed, created, well told, well edited, amusingly frustating, it's the best late christmas gift. i could kill my self if i tell you what is it about. Hold your Jaw.. Hold your squeals. Cause it's not an End Yet. Moffat knows exactly how to end it. And wait until the credits end. Redbeard.

Anyway. i would do another review of movies i've been watching. on my project #50MoviesList :) Wish Me Luck

Not C.A.M

but A.G

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